""Through coaching by my School Turnaround specialist, classroom walkthroughs become an everyday routine.  School Turnaround strategies and one-on-one coaching and support have helped me navigate my way through leadership.”
Matt Ho, Principal – 

La’ie Elementary, 

La’ie, Hawaii

“This is the first year out of my 10-year administrative career that I felt as if I was working as an instructional leader and not just as a manager. School Turnaround taught me strategies to put my personal focus and the building's focus on student achievement.”
Diane Hutchins, Principal – Washington Middle School, Springfield, IL

"I must break through the glass ceiling that we have reached to indeed create the school that I want my students to have.  Your observations will allow me to start dialogue with my teachers that will help me move beyond compliance or participation."

Willie C. Goldsmith Jr., Principal -Green Acres Middle School,

Birmingham, AL

90 State Street, Suite 700

Albany, New York 12207

Phone: 518-797-3783

Fax: 585-625-3698


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