When School Turnaround began in 2000, it had one mission: Everyone Achieves.  No Exceptions. No Excuses. Years later, we have upheld that standard time and time again, in over 247 schools in over 47 districts across the country.​


How do we do it? By insisting that kids be in first grade only once.  By acknowledging that children deserve to learn now—not in three, five, or ten years.  The educational system has a long-standing tradition of seeking to change the culture, methods, and approach of schools with compliance-driven mandates and drawn-out processes.  Here at School Turnaround, we move fast and keep change local and all your own.  Because one size will never fit all.  We help leaders lead and teachers teach.  So that students learn.  We get results.

Everyone Achieves.  No Exceptions.  No Excuses.

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