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Over the years we have observed that sometimes the best results come from individuals, whom we call Human Sparkplugs. These are people who lead change by example.


Our Community Sparkplugs initiative helps local leaders use self-help and volunteerism to achieve results even in the absence of money. We work with foundations and other philanthropy to support sparkplug trainings in their region, often asking the nonprofits they support to identify promising and emerging volunteer leaders.


Human Sparkplugs are more powerful than great plans, a big committee or even a lot of money in achieving organizational and community change. Sparkplugs are present in all places—although many are inhibited by conventional process models of change.

Characteristics of a Sparkplug


Without it many projects will begin, but few will finish. And many will begin boldly, but end up as weak copies.

Personal Responsibility

Sparkplugs take responsibility for their own behavior.

Bias To Act

Many people are at heart critics, planners, or boosters. Sparkplugs are doers. They want to solve problems, not study or decry them.

Belief in Common Good

Sparkplugs look beyond what is good for their families and friends.

Results Orientation

Sparkplugs believe that the outcome, not process, matters most. Networking and capacity building are the means, not the end.

Inclined to Teams

Sparkplugs provide the juice, but know they need an engine!

Are you a Sparkplug?  Do you know a Sparkplug? 


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