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The Rensselaerville Institute at 60: It’s our anniversary!

Today I am writing to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of The Rensselaerville Institute.


Back in 1963, our institute was founded in Rensselaerville, New York, as the Institute on Man and Science. Our lofty purpose was to help residents stay informed so they could better evaluate what scientists, technologists, politicians, soldiers, educators, and clergy were doing to Man. 

Now 60 years later, our mission is to increase life chances for young people through education and community. Our world looks different from the past. But TRI’s focus on achieving results for humankind has never wavered.


Making connections, all summer long

Summer loving had me a blast - Summer loving happened so fast… In the movie Grease, Sandy and Danny sang those lyrics on their first days of school as they reminisced about their summer experiences together. As we gear up for our first weeks back in schools and communities, I’m going to reminisce about TRI’s summer experiences.

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