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School Turnaround: A catalyst for change in low-performing schools

School Turnaround

School Turnaround is a hard-hitting intervention designed to reverse decline in public, private, and charter schools in as little as one year. In contrast to gentle change programs that seek to change the culture, methods, and procedures of schools, School Turnaround believes that kids should only be in first grade once. 


School Turnaround is a leadership-development methodology that helps principals, teachers, and students immediately improve academic achievement. Since 2001, School Turnaround has turned around over 300 schools in 70 school districts around the country.


School Turnaround’s proven track record is grounded in the belief that change must be owned locally and our role in this is to be the catalyst and partner. Schools and the people who lead, teach, and learn in them are unique. One-size will never fit all.

Our School Turnaround specialists train your leaders, set targets, and implement proven strategies that are guaranteed to deliver results. They are all former school leaders who previously turned around a school. The support from our team of specialists works so well that we offer this warranty: if your school does not attain achievement targets we will 

offer a refund. 

Watch Principal Tim Rose

Watch Principal Tim Rose’s story of Warrington Elementary School in Escambia County, Florida, 2022

Questions Before You Hire

Seeking a Turnaround? Here’s what to ask.

Download this free guide and make the best choice for your school:
7 smart questions to ask a school-transformation organization before you write the check. 

Instructional Coaching

Instructional Coaching

Often schools and districts seek extra support to move quickly or build capacity within their own teams. TRI provides instructional coaching and professional-development opportunities for school leaders, teachers, and community stakeholders.


We can help you: 

  • Increase student achievement

  • Build teacher capacity

  • Develop instructional leaders

  • Develop instructional coaches

  • Develop instructional frameworks. 

We’re committed to providing teachers and instructional leaders with the most efficient and effective best practices in ELA and Math. It is our sincere desire to help all teachers and instructional leaders reach their highest levels of potential while enhancing their ability to feel confident in their teaching—which maximizes student growth and achievement.


6 areas where we can help you:

  • Classroom management

  • Instruction

  • Assessment use

  • Curriculum support

  • Data analysis and use

  • Class target & student cohorts

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