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Outcomes Consulting

The Rensselaerville Institute has decades of experience advising foundations and funders on how to organize their grantmaking and investments using an outcomes-oriented framework for human gain. Because grantees—or innovators as we call them—know their communities best, they often co-develop the outcomes and targets with us. Our adaptable Outcomes Framework is critical for defining and conveying the expected outcomes that directly impact human gain and its distinct ability to generate results allows for utilization across sectors.

As such, The Rensselaerville Institute has worked as an outcome partner with a number of organizations and associations, with the shared goals of supporting the philanthropy sector, achieving desired results, and increasing human gain nationally and internationally.  In our partnerships we contribute expertise in outcomes content and thinking and provide guidance on developing a framework for success, in addition to providing technical support to monitor progress and build in-house capacity. 

Recent collaborations

  • TRI partnered with the Kellogg Foundation to support Lowndes County Public Schools in Alabama with School Turnaround and Community Sparkplugs interventions.

  • TRI is helping the Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation define outcomes for its charter-school investment in Connecticut, in the areas of school leadership, professional development, and ELA/Math instructional coaching.


  • 10 startup nonprofit organizations participated in an accelerated executive-leadership training program funded by the Beaird Foundation, led by TRI.

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