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Increasing Life Chances for Young People Through Education & Community.

Our ST6 Method guarantees results. Here's how.................

We believe that success begins at the top. That's why the ST6 Method focuses on training school educators and leaders. We empower them with proven strategies that focus on small, simple changes that produce significant and sustainable results over time. For 20 years, our ST6 Method has become a full-proof program that guarantees - Everyone Achieves! No Exceptions! No Excuses!

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A New Approach

School Turnaround conducts an initial professional development session to introduce the framework of the three key areas to any successful classroom: Targets & Methods, Physical Space; and Student Connection to Learning.  Teacher input is used to create a robust view of what excellence should look like in each department or grade level.   We then create a feedback loop that serves to provide support and help for the educators and administration.

Classroom Feedback That Works (Yes...Even Virtually)

Most classroom walk-throughs are challenging for building leaders in terms of managing as well as the information that is gathered during these walk-throughs. School Turnaround shares a system for getting into classrooms daily and providing helpful feedback. School Turnaround provides training and tools to school leaders that help leadership teams provide the most targeted and useful feedback that results in daily changes in classrooms. In addition, training is provided on how to design differentiated professional development for teachers based on what is observed in classrooms, and all of this can be done virtually depending on your needs!

We're Here to Help

The ST6 Method is both quantitative & qualitative

We understand that beliefs lead to behaviors and thoughts become things; therefore, we've created a framework that is both qualitative and quantitative. We help schools implement data driven strategies, but we also encourage six core behaviors that drive and sustain those strategies for the long haul: energy, a bias to act, results orientation, personal responsibility, and inclined to teams.

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